WHY attend a bookstore reading?

~ gather no moss ~

"Before I 'became' a writer I often attended the bookstore readings of my favorite authors. They were the 'Rock Stars' of my world and it was a thrill to meet them in person. Now that I am a writer myself, I continue to attend readings so that I can tell authors in person how I enjoyed their work, to hear their actual voices, and to support my writing friends. Also, after spending long hours alone at my desk, it’s always a pleasure to get out and feel part of the writing community at large."

Katharine Davis


 "To meet the author."

Sandra Gulland

 "Going to a bookstore reading is like going to a rock concert. Yes, it's true, you could enjoy listening to your favorite music in the comfort of your own home but there's something special about being in the presence of the artist as he/she performs. So, too, with attending a book reading by an author whose work you appreciate. Rock on!"

Daniel Olivas