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It's been a quiet year for guest-blog posts (I've been busy working on my book about Far West Texas). But there are a number of interviews:

Karen Benke, Poet, Creativity and Fun Maven, Letter Writing Aficionada, and Author of Write Back Soon!

Sonja D. Williams on Writing Word Warrior: Richard Durham, Radio, and Freedom

Roger Greenwald, Poet and Literary Translator of Gunnar Harding

Stephen A. Hermann, Author of Mediumship Mastery, on Framcisco I. Madero as Medium

Michele Orwin, Founding Editor of Bacon Press Books



Historical Novelist
Claudia H. Long

5 Secrets About the Crypto-Jews of Mexico

Short Story Maestro
Clifford Garstang

5 Favorite Novels About a Dangerous World

Nature writer and memoirist
Gin Getz

5 Best Ways to Slow Down

Heidi M. Thomas

5 Things to Know About Old-Time Rodeo Cowgirls

Writer and Expat
John Scherber

5 Mexican Expat Meccas 


Literary Translator
Lisa Carter

5 Tastes of Spain for Armchair Travelers

Children's Author
Mary Lynn Patton

5 Links on Mexico and E-Publishing

Novelist and historic house museum director
Victoria Wilcox

5 Sites for Scarlett Fans

Amy Kwei

5 Recently Read and Recommended Books on China

Joanna Hershon
5 Links from A Dual Inheritance that Traverse the Globe

C. Marina Marchese

5 Surprising Facts about Honeybees, Pollination, and Your Food


Ghosthunter and writer
John B. Kachuba

5 Literary Ghosts

Writer and Survivor
Joan Young
5 Inexpensive and Unexpected Tips for Healthy Living

Ellen Cassedy

5 Links to Learn Yiddish

Peter Behrens

4 Canadian and 1 Irish Writers You Must Read

Literary Translator
Harry Morales

Celebrates Gregory Rabassa's 90th Birthday

New World heirlooms expert
Steve Sando

5 Beans You're Not Eating


Historical novelist
Andrew I. Dayton

5 Books to Get Your Head Inside Iran

Artist and travel writer
Jim Johnston
5 Things to See with Your Feet Up in Mexico City's
Centro Histórico

Historical novelist
Claudia H. Long

5 Delicious Links on the Food of Baroque Mexico

Midwife & memoirist
Patricia Harman

5 Sites to Help You Go Green

Gerry Hadden

5 Great Places to Visit that You'd Probably Never Find

Mare Cromwell

5 Telephone Numbers That Have Emblazoned
Themselves Across Our Cultural Consciousness

App designer
Julia Sussner

5 Fabulous Apps to Experience for Yourself

Eva Schweitzer

5 Links to Learn More about the Berlin Wall

Sam Quinones

5 Books of True Tales

Eric D. Goodman

5 Train Stories Worth Riding

Susan Coll
5 Favorite Comic Novels

Poet and translator
Richard Jeffrey Newman

5 Sites to Learn More About the Shahnameh

Daniel A. Olivas
5 Books for the Writing of The Book of Want

Writer & blogtour producer
Diane Saarinen

5 Sassy and Well-Branded Book Blogs

Teresa Nichols

5 Links About Buryin' Daddy

Essayist & playwright
Margaret Dulaney

5 Reasons to Trust the Muse

Novelist & historian
Michael Hogan
On the Irish Soldiers of Mexico

Roberta Rich
5 + 1 Books to Inform a 16th Century Historical Thriller

Ellen Meeropol

5 Political Novels to Change the World

Richard Goodman

5 Favorite and Unexpected Literary Writers
in New York City.


Janice Eidus

5 Vampire Links to Sink Your Teeth Into

Kyle Semmel

5 Quick Links "Out of Denmark"

Kim Roberts

5 Top Spoken Word Venues in Washington DC

Richard Goodman

5 Wondrous Works of New York Art

Agustín Cadena

5 Questions apropos of his new book,
Las tentaciones de la dicha

Literary Translator
Harry Morales

Flowers for Mario Benedetti

Poet and creativity expert
Karen Benke

5 Writers on What it Takes to be a Creative Writer

Deborah Batterman

5 Links on the New Digital Imperative

Writer and Writing Coach
Eva Hunter

5 Ways to Avoid Writing

Alexandra van de Kamp

5+ Inspiring World Museums

Writer and artist
Marjorie Price

5 Inspiring Women Artists

Writer and editor
Jennifer Silva Redmond

5 Favorite Short Story Collections from the Last 5 Years

Katie Pickard Fawcett

5 Favorite Books of Appalachia

Organizer and writer
Regina Leeds

5+ Resources to Make a Writer Happy in an Organized Space

Joanna Smith Rakoff

5 Favorite Books of New York Stories

Travel writer and translator
Jane Onstott

5 Mexican Idioms That Don't Mean What You Might Think


Christina Baker Kline

5 Quotations that Influenced the Writing of a Novel

Mystery writer
Austin S. Camacho

5 Sites to Find Russia in Washington DC

Fiction writer
Dylan Landis
5 Magnetic Spaces

Poet and writer J.D. Smith

Top 5 Mariachi Links

Writer and PEN activist
Lucina Kathmann

5 Links for A Forest of Mathematics

Spanish and Ladino translator
Trudy Balch

5 Things Gaby Brimmer Loved, or Would Have

Editing Aficionado
Nate Martin

Stop Smiling's Top 5 Author Interviews

Philosophy Professor
Thomas C. Hilde

5 Recommendations for Further Reading on Torture



Historical novelist
Diane Ascroft

5 Novels Featuring Children in WW II

Poet and editor
Francisco Aragon

5 Noteworthy New Titles in Latino Poetry

Porter Shreve

5 Novels of the '70s

Guitarrist and Spanish translator
Russell M. Cluff

Remembering Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Artist and culinary expert
Nicholas Gilman
Top 5 Funky Foods and Where to Find Them in Mexico City

Tim Wendel

Red Rain and Other Secrets and Riddles

Anna Leahy and Librarian Doug Dechow

Top 5 Aviation Museums

Sergio Troncoso

5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Money

Poet and literary translator
Zack Rogow

5 Links re: The Cover of The Number Before Infinity

Travel writer
Stephanie Elizondo Griest

5 Glimpses into the Mexican Underworld

Poet and Literary Translator
Moira Egan

5 Fun Things to Do Next Time You're in Italy

Poet, Editor, and Blogger
Deborah Ager

5 Fantastic Freebies for Writers

Journalist and Rock-and-Roll Mama
Lindsay Reed Maines

Top 5 Literary Agent Blogs

Solveig Eggerz

5 Works of Historical Fiction

Travel writer and essayist
Richard Goodman

5 Favorite Books on Soul

Travel writer and power walker
L. Peat O'Neil
5+ Links on Walking

Chef, memoirist and novelist
Nani Power

5 Interesting Facts About the Monarch Butterfly

Sandra Beasley

5 Poets Turned Prose Writers

Sociology professor
Clara Rodriguez

5 Latino Stars of Early Hollywood

Writer and Mexico City aficionad
David Lida

5 Secrets of Mexico City

Visionary librarian
Jane Kinney Meyers

5 Links About Lubuto

Novelist, anthologist and blogger
Daniel Olivas

5 Influential Writers in "Latinos is Lotusland"

Baja buff and business writer
Greg Niemann

5 Favorite Websites

Gayle Brandeis

5 Works of Fiction that Explore the Senses in Fresh Strange Ways

Writer and editor
Jennifer Silva Redmond

5 Favorite Baja California Writers's Websites

Historical novelist
Sandra Gulland

Top 5 Research Sites for Historical Novelists

Mexico historian
Tasha Tenenbaum

"Kahlo de Rivero" & the Long List of World-Class Mexican Artists

Novelist and blogger
Leslie Pietrzyk

3 Dos and 3 Don'ts for Writers's Blogs

Writer, editor, translator, graphic designer
Tom Christensen

3 Dos and 3 Don't for Writers's Blogs

Poet and playwright
Grace Cavalieri

5 Favorite Venturesome and Vivid Movers of the Earth

Paula Whyman

5+ Sites on Baking for Writers---and Other Breadheads

King of the Baja Buffs, adventure travel writer
Graham Mackintosh

5 Favorite Websites

Novelist and blogger
Leslie Pietrzyk

5 Favorite Guest-Blog Posts on Work in Progress

Travel writer and Mexico expert
Isabella Tree

5 Favorite Books About Mexico

Steven Hart

5 Sites at the Crossroads of History, Industry, Commerce and Art

Writer, musician, composer, philosopher
David Rothenberg

5 Whale Music Links

Cathleen Calbert

The 5 Members of the Providence Area Writers Group

Eric B. Martin

5 Links On the Next Roberto Bolaño: Guillermo Fadanelli

Travel writer and essayist
Richard Goodman
5 Favorite "Collected Letters of..."

Medievalist and author
Jeff Sypeck

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