WHY attend a bookstore reading?

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Readers and writers write:

because you should support authors who put their heart & soul into their writing, & it's a learning opportunity, time well spent

If I hadn't gone to see Douglas Adams do a reading of Hitchhiker's, I prob. wouldn't have discovered Wodehouse for a long time.

It's usually a joy to hear an author do a reading & they tend to tell really great anecdotes, answer questions, etc.

Bill Wilson
because it's far more enlightening than say, reality TV?

mostly to support writers and the stores which distribute their work!

listening to an author in an atmosphere abuzz with others is a great complement to the solitary pleasure of reading.

Lee Pursewarden
 Because if I go to yours, maybe you'll go to mine?

Dylan Landis
I think it's important to show up... for writers, who work in isolation; for bookstores, which support the work; and for other readers, because community is so sustaining. Your presence counts.