Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution:
Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual

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From Chapter III

Phenomena on Which Spiritism is Based

From Manual espírita by "Bhima" (Francisco I. Madero), 1911.
English translation by C.M. Mayo, from:
...Metaphysical Odyssey Into the Mexican Revolution:
...Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual
By C.M. Mayo (Dancing Chiva, 2014)


Q. Now I beg you to tell me, what is understood by table tipping?

A. This name designates the phenomena produced by small tables, or similar furniture, in transmitting messages by means of raps, as at a door.

Q. Of what importance is this phenomenon?

A. It was very great in the mid-19th century, the first days of Spiritism, and it still serves to confirm the the Spiritist phenomenon in one of its most interesting phases; but as a means of communication, it has fallen into disuse as mechanical writing mediumship has proven both easier and faster.

Q. In innumerating these phenomena you have mentioned moving objects by means of psychic powers, together with spirits's powers. Can you tell me something about this interesting phenomenon?

A. It is the same as with the little tables.

Movements of objects by means of occult powers (which, for brevity, we will call psychic or spiritist) serves to demonstrate the existence of the invisible world which surrounds us and is interested in and cares about us and takes part in our endeavors.

As materialism was extending its unhealthy influence over the world's most civilized nations, it was precisely the apparition of these very natural phenomena and others which were so noisy in order to gain our attention. In sum, we can say that those phenomena at the origin of Spiritism were the knocks by which the spirits called at the door of our material world to announce their visit. Once we opened the door and admitted them into the house, in calmness and solmenity, they have revealed the object of their visit. They have come to tell us that our spirit is immortal, that life continues after our mortal shell have dissolved, that this life and space are one, that there is no doubt queebt that goes unpaid nor agreement that goes unfulfilled; in a word, they have revealed to us the Spiritist doctrine, as summarized in this manual.

Q. You have spoken to me of apparitions that can be seen by a larger or smaller number of people, and of others perceptible to touch and capable of causing an impression on a photographic plate. Can you tell me, of what do these differences consist?

A. Essentially, to a greater or smaller degree, these consist of a phantom's materialization which can be preceived by a larger or smaller number of people, given that not all have the gift of clairvoyance, or to the same degree. Some phantoms are so faint that they can only be seen by very gifted mediums. On the other hand, on occasion there are apparations that can be seen by everyone, and they can even touch and photograph them.

Q. Can you cite some notable cases?

A. The apparitions of Jesus after his death before his disciples are of this character. Thomas could even touch Jesus's wounds.

The visions and voices of which Joan of Arc spoke cannot be doubted, for, if so, how to explain that an ignorant and simple shepherdess could raise the morale of the French armies and lead them to a victory that saved France from the foreign yoke?

There are many cases in the Bible, the the New Testament, and in the lives of the saints. Furthermore, recently, there have been many very notable materializations which have been photographed and whose validity have been confirmed by experts, whose testimonies cannot be doubted.

Q. These phenomena seem to me very striking. Can you tell me how they are produced?

A. To satisfy your reasonable desire, I must enter into lengthy explanations, which I will do in the following chapter.

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The original Manual espírita is in the public domain.
However, this translation is © Copyright C.M. Mayo

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