Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution:
Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual

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Author's Introduction

From Manual espírita by "Bhima" (Francisco I. Madero), 1911.
English translation by C.M. Mayo, from:
...Metaphysical Odyssey Into the Mexican Revolution:
...Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual
By C.M. Mayo (Dancing Chiva, 2014)

Written at the request of the Standing Committee of Mexico's Second Spiritist Congress, this work is intended for young people, workers, and the general population who have not yet felt materialism's devastating influence.

We therefore address ourselves to the young people who have not yet begun to live, who have not yet imbibed from the impure fountains of materialism, who are open to admiring all that is great and beautiful; to those whose hearts have not fallen into the clutches of distressing skepticism, and who, with passion and enthusiasm, cherish noble ideals and generous feelings.

We also and equally address the worker, destitute of fortune, to whom there is no consolation in what his reason rejects; who finds no justice in materialism because it only demonstrates the triumph of the strongest, awarding the prize to the one most apt in struggle, and the one considered the weakest, the least apt in this unending struggle of the fittest, and who does not believe it just that his destiny should be to perish, after a miserable and hard-working life, who does not believe it just to have come into this world only to enrich others and, by his privations, provide them such abundance that they may live in idleness while he is brought to his knees by work.

Thus it is for these workers who also have pure hearts, and whose consciences have not yet been polluted by materialism that we intend this work. Here they will find the foundations of a very lofty philosophy to satisfy their most noble aspirations, and explain the meaning of life, the reasons for their sad situation, and which will show them the law of retribution, open their minds to new and vast horizons, make them understand that our lives do not playout in the miserable patch of an earthly existence, but for time they have Eternity, for space, the Universe; and finally, it will put them in a better condition to sustain their struggle for life, a struggle ever more ferocious given the selfishness of the rich and the ignorance of the poor.

To achieve our objective we will offer a brief overview of the Spiritist Doctrine. It is so beautiful and so simple that it will be easily admired and understood.
We will not make lengthy arguments nor cite numerous proofs in support of this doctrine, for the most demanding can find such arguments and proofs in specialized works.

Moreover, lengthy arguments generally serve to obscure the points we wish to clarify.

For these reasons, we shall focus on presenting proofs that can be understood by all and making simple arguments, those most appropriate for a true impression.
Our work will be to sow a seed in the furrow; that of our readers, to carefully cultivate the plant that germinates until it yields ripe fruit.

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The original Manual espírita is in the public domain.
However, this translation is © Copyright C.M. Mayo

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