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Maximilian ~ Carlota
My new blog on the Second Empire: a resources blog for researchers, both serious and armchair. Updated on Tuesdays. Comments welcome in both English y en español.

Don Miles's Cinco de Mayo
Information, excerpts, Q & A and more about his highly raised book, Cinco de Mayo. See also his website
Battle of Puebla for the festivities planned in Austin, Texas, May 5, 2012 for the 150th anniversary.

William Marshall Anderson: An American in Maximilian's Mexico
The colonist from Kentucky. With photos and links. (Caveat: it's a wiki.)

Charlotte's Letters and Photographs Exhibit
The collection in Houston's Rice University of correspondence and others papers of Charlotte and Maximilian's chef du cabinet, the Belgian advisor
Felix Eloin. It also includes a good collection of rare photographs.

La Casa Imperial de Mexico
A fascinating and beautifully made website about the Mexican monarchy,
with many rare documents and photos pertaining to the Iturbide family.
This is the best page about the Iturbide family on the web, hands down.

Patricia Galeana
Mexican historian, author of numerous works, including
Relaciones Iglesia-Estado durante el Segundo Imperio. Also, click here to listen to her podcast on Benito Juarez and Maximilian, with historian Dr Konrad Ratz.

All about the Hapsburgs (also spelled Habsburgs), a website by Juraj Lisiak

Susanne Igler
German researcher and writer, specialist on Carlota, and more. Author of Carlota de México.

M.M. McAllen
McAllen is the author of the splendid narrative history Maximilian and Carlota: Europe's Last Empire in Mexico, published by Trinity University Press in 2014.
Listen in anytime to my conversation with M.M. McAllen here.

Maximilian I Emperor of Mexico
A webpage about Dr Julius Augustus Skilton and Maximilian's portrait and saddle.

The Mexican Adventure
Part of Glenn Jewison and Jorg C. Steiner's excellent website on the organizational history of the and forces of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Contains several biographies of key officers, a bibliography, and a chronology.

Mexico: From Empire to Revolution
An exhibit of rare photographs from the Second Empire at the Getty Museum.

Miramar Castle (Il Castello di Miramare)
Maximilian's castle in Trieste, Italy.

Michael Organ's The Austrian Imperial Frigate SMS Novara
This is the frigate that brought Maximilian and Carlota to Mexico. Read all about it-- with many rare pictures-- on this excellent website.

Das österreichische Freiwilligenkorps in Mexiko 1864-67
About the Austrian volunteers in Mexico. In German. Extensive.

Konrad Ratz, Historian
German language webpage. Includes information about his original research and many books on Maximilian and Charlotte. Also, a fascinating paper in Spanish on Maximilian's doctors. Update: Dr Ratz's webpage is down. but be be sure to have a look at his important new book, Tras las huellas de un desconocido: Nuevos datos y aspectos de Maximiliano de Habsburgo (Siglo XXI/ Conaculta / INAH, 2008).

Sara Yorke Stevenson
Sara Yorke Stevenson is the author of the brilliant memoir, Maximilian in Mexico: A Woman's Reminiscences of the French Intervention 1862-1867,
New York: 1899.
She went on to a stellar career in as an Egyptologist, among other things. You can see her photo on this webpage.

Wikipedia: Maximilian I of Mexico
Wikipedia entry on Maximilian: extensive but caveat: it's a wiki. Not always reliable.

Art (Musicals, Movies, Opera, Paintings, Plays) Inspired by Maximilian and Carlota

Musicals, Plays, Operas
Juarez and Maximilian

Play by Franz Werfel.
Carlota -- The Grand Opera
All about composer Robert Avalon and his opera about the doomed Empress of Mexico.
Carlota: The Serpentine Crown
A musical by Marcel Wick. Also in
La Loca de Bachout
A blog post with links about "La Loca de Bachout" a monologue in Spanish in the character of the Empress Carlota.
An opera performed in the Académie Nationale de Musique et de Danse, Libretto by R.S. Hoffman; adapted from the work by Franz Werfel; French adapted version by Armand Lunel; music by Darius Milhaud. The libretto was published in 1931 in Vienna.
Maximilian: Der Traum einer Krone
Parts of the German musical by Konrad and Wolfgang Ratz, on-line at MySpace.
Maximiliano: El sueño de una corona
The musical by Konrad and Wolfgang Ratz, on-line at MySpace, in Spanish.

Las noticias del Imperio (News from the Empire)
A novel by Mexican writer Fernando del Paso.
The Grasshopper King
By Eliuzabeth Boatwright Coker
The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire
A webpage about my historical novel based on the true story by C.M. Mayo (Yours Truly). Excerpt, bibliography, photographs, Q & A, and more.
El último príncipe del Imperio Mexicano
By C.M. Mayo, traducción de Agustín Cadena.

The film with Bette Davis as Carlota.
The Undefeated
About the Confederate saga in Mexico, starring John Wayne and Rock Hudson. 1969.
Vera Cruz
Starring Burt Lancaster and Gary Cooper. 1954.

Manet and the Execution of Maximilian Timeline
Excellent website (and very handy timeline) maintained by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (aporpos of the special exhibition of Manet's paintings)
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