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C.M. Mayo's The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire (Unbridled Books)
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Unbridled Books Now available in paperback and e-book

A novel
based on the true story
Selected one of Library Journal's
Best Books of 2009

"a swashbuckling, riotous good time, befitting the fairy-tale promise of the opening sentence."
Austin American-Statesman

Who knew that Mexico once had a half-American prince? Or that this little boy’s future was hotly debated not just in Mexico but in Washington D.C. and in every court in Europe? Set in the mid-19th century when Maximilian von Habsburg was Emperor of Mexico, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire is based on the true and never before completely told story about the little boy who, as in a fairytale, became a prince and a pawn in the struggle-to-the-death over Mexico's destiny.

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"A fascinating historical account delivered in such sweeping, compelling prose as to ring more like literature than fact—and, fundamentally, one could say that it’s both; it proves false that old Dorothy Parker adage about historical novels being neither novels nor history. This is an extensively researched and brilliantly organized book, combining geopolitics, international finance, military strategy, and, alas, the eternal struggle of a family, a child, and the human heart in the midst of it all... Mayo, who has lived in Mexico for many years and has written extensively about its history and culture, is the author of a travel memoir about Baja California, among other works. Her literary style is seasoned, intelligent, and wonderfully informed."
Himilce Novas, Multicultural Review

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A fairytale based on the true but never before completely told story— the work of seven years of travel and research in archives as far flung as Vienna, Washington DC, and Mexico City— it begins, as it must, with, "Once upon a time..." read more