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This is a collection of free podcast buttons.

How to get these buttons from this page to your page?

On a PC: Right click on the button you want and then save it to your own computer.

On a Mac: Select it and drag it to your desktop.

When you update your blog or website, paste in your podcast's URL (the address to the link to your podcast on your hosting service, e.g., podomatic.com, podbean.com, vimeo.com. etc.).

For example, let's say I want this button (pictured left) to link to my podcast of a talk I gave for San Miguel PEN / Sol Literary Magazine, the URL provided by podomatic.com being:


I used my webpage program to link that jpeg (the image of the green button) to that URL, so now when you click on the button (pictured right), voila, you may, indeed, listen now.

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