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For my writing workshop participants and anyone else interested in creative writing, welcome! The recommended reading lists are extensive and frequently updated; the resources for writers include the daily 5 minute writing exercise; recommended manuscript editors; general advice about publishing, agents and book PR, and much more.

Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Techniques of Fiction" workshop at the Writers Center, Bethesda MD, 6/ 2009:

"I found this workshop extremely helpful to kickstart my writing. It gave me useful tools and exercises to use in a very short space of time."

"Great workshop. Loved the exercises, toolkit approach and focus on technique and structure. Open to questions. Came prepared with many resources. Very accessible, matter-of-fact approach to writing. Ms. Mayo takes the mystery out of writing and makes it real."

Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Dialogue Intensive" workshop at the Writers Center, Bethesda MD, 9/ 2009:

"C.M. Mayo is a fabulous, informative, empathetic, skilled, talented (highly talented) writer and workshop leader"

"Great workshop. Wanted more!"

"Great instructor. Excellent tips re: dialogue and writing in general. Very helpful."

"She has a delightful spirit and offers warm encouragement."

Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Techniques of Fiction" workshop in San Miguel de Allende, 2/ 2009:

"This workshop was jam-packed with practical techniques! I feel I suddenly have the inside secrets that distinguish extraordinary writing— and even I can do them! Imagine. Great writing can be learned.
Susan Page

Wonderful nuts and bolts workshop. Writers of all levels should not miss it!
—Sterling Bennett

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