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Picadou the Black Pug 
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Picadou's Poems
(from a children's book in process)
Copyright (c)
C.M. Mayo. All rights reserved.

People Who Pat Me

People who pat me
I sometimes like

But not
The little girl with crumbs on her face
She aimed her fingers at me, she patted me too hard
Her food smells stayed on my head

And not
That man in the blue pants and blue hat
He landed his hand on my head thunk like a package
and he moved my fur the wrong way
His shoes stank of sidewalk and hot rubber
"How much did you pay for that dog?" he said to my person
and a lot of other rude nonsense
When he could see we were on our way to the grass!

I like the lady with her hair tucked under an orange scarf
She bent down and I let her hold my chin and stroke my ears
Her hands were gentle like Grandma's
they smelled of mail and cheese sandwich
She had a wavery voice
"Oh," she said, "I wish you were my neighbor!"

>>Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing, edited by Karen Benke (Trumpeter, 2010), includes C.M. Mayo's advice to writers and the poem "People Who Pat Me, by Picadou".

I Like Lucky

I like Lucky
He runs with his black fur flying!
He has white sharp teeth
and warm kibble breath
I like Lucky
we run and run and run
When Lucky sniffs that bush
I sniff that bush
When Lucky lies panting on the grass
I jump on him!
He runs
I chase
He dives
I leap
Lucky is so much fun
I like Lucky

Tiny Phoebe

Phoebe is a little dog like me
her person picks her up
like my person picks me up
We could be friends
Her fur is the color of honey and milk chocolate
and nicely combed
She has dainty paws that go
pat pat pat on the carpet of the store
Sometimes Phoebe waits on the counter
she sits like a cat
My person takes me to visit
I say, Hi Phoebe,
Let's play!
But Phoebe GrrrrrrrRRRRowls at me!
She is too tiny
Tiny Phoebe



Pugsy is big like a grandpa
He sits soaking in the sun with his tongue flapping out
He knows what life is about
Pugsy has seen it all

Little Leaf

Scooting over the sidewalk
I chase you
up in the air
You are so curly
you go scrapey-scrape
(I think you have legs)
I bite you!
You taste brown

Copyright (c) C.M. Mayo. All rights reserved.
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