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C.M. Mayo's Workshop Page
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General Advice & Misc.
~ "Giant Golden Buddha" & 364 Other 5 Minute Writing Exercises
The cure for writer's block. Use an egg-timer if you must.
~ The 3 Questions I Am Most Frequently Asked About the Writing Business
How do I find a publisher? Do I need an agent? Any tips on book promotion?
~ The Mental Edge or, Coping with Rejection
~ Out of the Forest of Noise: On Publishing the Literary Short Story
by C.M. Mayo. What to expect and how to go about it.
~ C.M. Mayo's 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Writing Workshop
~ Margaret Atwood's "On Writing"
~ Dinty W. Moore's "The Truth of the Matter: Art & Craft in Creative Nonfiction

~ Lisa Cohen's Writers' Block Page
~ Feng Shui for Real Life
Carol Olmstead's feng shui site. Hey, the universe is holographic. And click here to read her top Feng Shui tips for writers.
~The 5 Keys to Mastery
DVD inspired by the book, Mastery, by George Leonard.
~ Kill Your Television
~ Sally Shivnan's Top 10 Tips for Publishing Travel Writing in Newspapers
Plus other tips on editing and the writing life.
~ Basil White's Comedy Writing Techniques
Join the MOB.
~ Writing It Real
Writer and poet Sheila Bender's on-line magazine. Highly recommended.

Two publicists I love working with: Lauren Cerand and Peter Handel. Check out Peter's blog, "Rejection is my Middle Name" See also The 3 Questions I Am Most Frequently Asked About the Writing Business.

Washington DC-specific
~ Viva la Vida Literaria!
Spanish language resources for Washington DC writers and translators
~ Washington Independent Writers
This Washington DC based organization offers many events and an excellent (and economical) writers conference.
~ Washington Write-a-Story Day
Founded by novelist Joyce Hackett. (If you're not in Washington, why not start a write-a-story day in your hometown?)
~ Women's National Book Association
Men are also welcome.
~The Writers Center
Writing workshops, readings and a book store in Bethesda, Maryland.

Other Associations and Organizations
~ The Authors Guild
~ Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
Many links! A great place to learn about the many literary journals being published today.
~ Emerging Writers Network
Founded by Dan Wickett. Many reviews and interviews. Links to literary blogs, and more.
~ National Novel Writing Month

~ Copyediting. Vital. Do It Or Have It Done.
By Diana Hume George. Read this before you do anything else.

I do not offer critique and editing services myself, however there are several writers I recommend. Check out their websites:
~ Janice Eidus
~ Dawn Marano
~ Vicki Meade
~ Richard Peabody

~ Beth Rubin
~ Sara Mansfield Taber

~ Madam Mayo's "Gone to the Litblogs"
Madam Mayo is my blog--- this links to an archive of posts on lit-blogging; includes many helpful links.

~ Lubuto Library Project, Inc.
Help bring knowledge and enlightenment to Africa's street children! This is a wonderful charity founded by Washington DC librarian Jane Kinney Meyers.
~ Tameme
This is the bilingual (Spanish/English) press I founded. The webpage has a terrific links page with many resources for both writers and literary translators--- and also for anyone interested in writing in Mexico.

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