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About the novel The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire (Unbridled Books, 2009)
The novel based on the true story of Mexico's half-American heir presumptive, Agustín de Iturbide y Green
It's now available from Unbridled Books in paperback, in Kindle and other e-book formats, and from Grijalbo Random House Mondadori, an excellent Spanish translation by Mexican poet and writer Agustín Cadena
--> Read more about the book: reviews, photos, bibliography, articles, excerpts, videos, and more.
-->and the interview by Mary J. Lohnes, "The Politics of Love"
-->En español: El último príncipe del Imperio Mexicano

--> Order the book (links to on-line booksellers. The paperbacks are also available in bookstores-- the Spanish version in Sanborns, Gandhi, Sotano, y etc.)

Listen to the podcasts, including my lecture about my research in the Iturbide Archives at the Library of Congress y la presentación en la ciudad de México con Dr Javier Garciego, Eduardo Turrent, Carlos Pascual y Carlos González Manterola.

In other words, what I've been up to: Dancing Chiva Literary Arts, S.C. www.dancingchiva.com Some of you know Dancing Chiva as my company in Mexico City to handle writing workshops. It is now expanded into an e-book publisher specializing in my e-books, as well as e-books by others. The catalog has works now availble or forthcoming in Bajacaliforniana, esoterica, Maximiliana, works by C.M. Mayo, and works for writers.

This incudes my short story originally published in the Kenyon Review, "The Buidling of Quality," now availble in a Kindle edition.

So what's the "esoterica"? This is my annotated translation, the first into English, of the
Spiritist Manual by "Bhima," or Francisco I. Madero (yes, Mexico's Revolutionary leader and President), published in 1911. It is a most unusual book, and given that Madero claimed he was a medium and involved himself in politics on the prompting of the spirits, it is a crucial document for anyone who would attempt to understand the Mexican Revolution. The "pub date" is November 11, 2011. Read more about this title here.

Miraculous Air, my travel memoir of Baja California, Mexico's nearly 1,000 mile-long peninsula remains in print in a beautiful paperback edition from Milkweed Editions. Dancing Chiva will be bringing out the e-book on Kindle and iBooks later this year.
-->Read more about this book (photos, videos, excerpts, and more)

-->Watch my video about designing the Dancing Chiva e-book covers here:

-->Why is it called "Dancing Chiva?"
Read the interview by John Randolph Bennett.


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Author's Sala --November 10, 2011
I will be talking about my translation of Madero's Spiritist Manual

Techniques of Fiction Workshops
Bethesda MD:
The Writer's Center one day workshop on "Techniques of Fiction" Sept 24, 2011
San Miguel de Allende: San Miguel Writers Workshops "Techniques of Fiction" - February 2012
--> These and more events are listed here:

See also the all-knew page of podcasts on creative writing and updates on resources for writers.


-->"The Arc of Writerly Action" from a talk on writing historical fiction for the American Independent Writers Conference
-->"Decluttering Your Writing" from a blog post on creative writing
-->"Hell, I Knew It Was Paradise" (from Miraculous Air) A profile of the beloved Baja California sportfishing legend legend Bob Van Wormer
-->"A Banquet of Mexican Literature"
-->"Haunted Historical Fiction: The Curious Coincidences Concerning Senator Claiborne Pell's Mansion"

Listen in here

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Since 2006, I've been blogging on sundry subjects. Updates on Mondays and more often than not more often. Recent blogs include:

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My blog for researchers of the Second Empire / French Intervention, both serious and armchair. Here I share my research on (most) Tuesdays... as well as notes and news from readers... Post includes reviews on José Luis Blasio's classic Maximiliano intimo, Carlota's piano (and it's peculiar odyssey), Sara Yorke Stevenson, Eulogio Gillow's rare memoir (which includes an eyewitness account of Carlota in Rome 1866) & much more

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